Just before we went to bed, I got a message from Manoj (one of my teachers) with an invitation for lunch the next day.  It was a chance for us to catch up before he leaves. Ok – no problem -change of plan. We post pone the visit of Old Goa & enjoy the beach life for another day.

We started the morning with a lazy, long and big breakfast – pancakes, fruit salad, coffee, toasts..mmmmm. 🙂 Also profiting from the wifi, of course.

Since we did not manage to book the train tickets to Mumbai online, we went to a local travel agent who promised to get us tickets for Thursday from emergency quota. It is possible to book the tickets from emergency quota only two days before the departure of the train, so we left the money with the agent and hoped for the best.

It was about the time to go for the lunch. Manoj arrived with his rented Indian bus to pick us up. At the steering wheel of a tiny minivan a rather serious yoga teacher becomes an eccentric Indian driver: loud music, honking, hectic driving and sudden slowing down for a beautiful view is a must! Very much fun! That’s what I like.

We had a long lunch where we shared Indian food. We grow to like it more and more 🙂 By now we are a bit of cheese naan addicts.  We ended the lunch with a cup of indian chai, black tea with milk and lots of sugar.

In the afternoon Stijn was working on the photos and I was reading my new  (old) B.K.S. Iyengar book on the beach. (Just so you know that we are not only eating and baking in the sun…)

After the sunset we were invited to join Manoj and Cindy on the beach. Very close to the water there was set a nice platform made out of beach chairs. It was cushioned with mattresses and covered with a thick carpet like material which made it very cozy. There was a small table with candles on top of it. So we were lying at the beach in the warm evening breeze and the sound of approaching sea. The sky was lightened by the almost full moon. We were served drinks and tapas. We could watch the fisherman and his family coming out of the sea, installing the boat on the shore and loading out the catch. Because of the full moon the flood tide was very high. Within an hour it had approached our platform, but insted of fleeing we decided to stay and enjoy the coming and crushing  waves under us. It felt rather decadent, but so good to be there in that moment.