Destinesia is the art of arriving at a destination and being unable to remember why you went there.

We are not backpackers, we are people traveling with backpacks. We are not dare devils, we are moderately adventurous. We try to travel with a certain budget, but we are not too good at it. We are better in finding a good excuse to dine in a good restaurant. We are precautious with  street food. We prefer trains over busses (someone on the way said it is very European). Our travel concept is doing or seeing one thing a day.

Through this website, you can follow us on our journey.

Stijn is a freelance photographer with always too many projects on his plate. One day he creates well performing websites, the next you can find him working on his photography portfolio, shooting weddings or events in Belgium. The camera is almost always present.  Elize is a yoga enthusiast, originally from Latvia but since a few years living in Belgium for a very good reason. Our journey starts in Goa where Elize will follow an Advanced Teacher Training Course by

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