Phnom Penh Bicycle Tour with Grasshopper Adventures
As written in our previous article, The Chaos of Phnom Penh,  we did do a small bicycle tour organised by Grasshopper Adventures. Next to the many photos we had taken, I also had mounted a GoPro camera on the steering bar of the mountain bike. Though I little detail was forgotten: I forgot to charge the batteries beforehand so in the end I did only capture fragments of the tour. The nice thing about the Islands of the Mekong tour is the fact that most of the paths we followed are very small where no cars are running. As you will notice in the video, there are numerous times we crossed cow on the road. And we did drive through numerous plantations, fields and so on along the Mekong river. Add a few high-fives, playing children, monks collecting donations and you have a fair idea of how this tour looks like.…Continue Reading
For the last day in Udaipur our only plan was to pay bill for the guest house and pack our bags. While we were having our breakfast I received a message from Punita. She lives in Udaipur and had spotted our blog. It turned out that she is living on the street Stijn had earlier took a photo of a woman and cow in the street. As we were still in Udaipur, Punita invited us to meet at her place. We had a chance to see a real haveli in the old part of the city. The house was built by her grandfather. It is a house that was once made for a big extended family. 50 years ago, 100 people would leave in the house. Now there are only 4 people living there. The whole structure is build around an inner yard. It is a beautiful, beautiful house with…Continue Reading