For the last day in Udaipur our only plan was to pay bill for the guest house and pack our bags. While we were having our breakfast I received a message from Punita. She lives in Udaipur and had spotted our blog. It turned out that she is living on the street Stijn had earlier took a photo of a woman and cow in the street.

As we were still in Udaipur, Punita invited us to meet at her place. We had a chance to see a real haveli in the old part of the city. The house was built by her grandfather. It is a house that was once made for a big extended family. 50 years ago, 100 people would leave in the house. Now there are only 4 people living there. The whole structure is build around an inner yard. It is a beautiful, beautiful house with an ambiance of passed times. Everywhere in the house you can find objects that are older then the people who are currently living there. One of the most touching moment when we were taken to a room which serves as a little temple – it is a room for meditation and rituals. But in the corner of the room there is a little surprise. Between some of the stain glass windows are hiding little figures in shapes of animals living there since the building of the house.

Visiting Punita and her family was a little gift before we left Udaipur. We had a chance to discover the city from inside out – see its history and the people living there. Punita is a real Udaipur enthusiast, she is the editor of a blog that provides information about Udaipur and its gems. Our insights on Udaipur are coming soon!

The next morning we had to get up early. We had to be in bus station at 7:30am. We took our backpacks and went to search for a rickshaw driver to take us to station. We found one on the corner before foot bridge. He was having his morning chai, so we spontaneously decided to have the last chai from our favourite stall before we leave Udaipur. While we were waiting for our tea to be made (it is always made fresh) guess who we saw approaching? Rajish (the photographer) and Monika (our German India advisor) coming for a chai too. Can there be a better goodbye than this?

During one of the many times that we did have a chai from our favourite place, Stijn did film when Ratha was making our tea. It took us a while to be able to upload the video to YouTube (thank you India for your fast and reliable internet network!). Watch the video directly on YouTube or click the large play button on the top of this page.