Our main activity in Jaisalmer was volunteering in Abu Safari Hotel. Abu Safari Hotel is a meeting place for backpackers from all around the world. It is mostly a community of young people in their early 20ies, but no-one feels left out here. As almost all of the hotels and guest houses in Jaisalmer, Abu Safari Hotel has its own desert safari tours, but unlike the rest of the places Abu Safari has Abu. “Life is Mamma Mia in Abu Safari”. We might have met one of the most eccentric man of Jaisalmer. He is close to become a Sadu. A man who built one of the most know Safari in Jaisalmer from nothings. A man who has a selfie book. A man who wants to marry a “white girl”. A man who changes his outfit at leat two times a day. A man who is not afraid to cry…Continue Reading