Jaisalmer is a popular destination to visit the Wold Heritage Site: the fort which lies on top of a sandstone rock. In the fort, one can find a well preserved palace, a few temples and many houses, tourist guest houses, shops and restaurants. It is said that because of the many people living and visiting at the Fort and the excessive seepage of water, every year the whole construction sinks a few centimeters each year. Due to excessive rain, some walls have already collapsed. Something you can easily notice when having a walk around the outer walls. Next to visits to the Fort, Jaisalmer is also number 1 destination for camel safaris in the desert. Hop on a camel and enjoy the real life desert life, stay in a desert farm and sleep under the stars. It's very easy to view the Milky Way. One of the best desert Safaris is the one of Abu Safari. Once a poor camel boy, abandoned by his parents, now an eccentric self-made man who organises highly entertaining camel safaris in the Thar desert. A safari with Abu is mostly suited for backpackers and travelling adventurers on a small budget. Don't expect the luxury, but be sure you will receive the experience.

Our favorite spots in Jaisalmer

We stayed in Abu Safari Hostel, one of the cheapest hostels in the town. A nice place for a couple of nights. You can sleep on the roof top if you want. Sick of the Indian food? It also happens to us. We particularly enjoyed the croissants and large cinnamon bun from the German Bakery. Easily found after the 3rd gate when entering the Fort, on the left side. Although the Lonely Planet will suggest another place for a good pizza, we did enjoy a super tasty freshly made pizza, baked in a real wooden oven at the restaurant 1st Gate. The view on the Fort is also very pretty. A little bit more pricey. Want to get away from all the tourists in the Fort and a trip to the desert is too far? We did enjoy a late afternoon at Gadsisar Sagar Lake. In walking distance from the desert, you can rent a little boat or join a little boat tour on the small lake. Or walk around to enjoy a view when the sun goes down. Little note though: since this is a popular route for cows, watch your step!

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